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Ok, so may10baby makes a lot of sasunaru fanfics, and one of the stories hasn't been continued in awhile, and i really liked were it was going in a weird way, i didn't copy it, just the idea of the first chapter with a couple tweaks, just saying though.... GIVE MAY10BABY CREDIT!!! and look at the profile! :3
    "Sss-stop!" The blond howled as he braced himself on a nearby tree, he was desperately trying to shove the raven haired teen off of him. Said teen continued to lap up the blood from the wound he just made on the boys neck. Licking his fangs he leaned even closer towards the blond till he was fully pressed into the tree.
    "Your mine now." The raven smirked, "Naruto, do you know what will happen next?" he only got a whimper in reply. "Well…now that your mine I will be taking you how does that sound? Hmmm?" Naruto began to sob and pull away from the raven teen.
    "Nnn-ooooo! I…I want t-to stay he-here!" Naruto sobbed, "P-please! I don't want to g-go Sas-sasuke!!" He was then lifted bridal style and disappeared with Sasuke in a pool of dark smoke.
    It had been two days since Naruto was kidnapped by seemingly his best friend, who without a doubt was a vampire. Now Naruto laid in a huge double king sized bed, he was weak, he wasn't eating, and he didn't want any food.
    Sasuke came in wearing very dark clothing, black skinny jeans and a black T-shirt. He walked over to the bed. Naruto twitched and quickly curled into a ball on the far side of the bed. Sasuke set down the food on the bed side table and tugged the blanket down revealing his beautiful uke. Naruto had been bathed and smelled of lavender, he was wearing a silk white robe and baby blue socks and mittens that were impossible to get off unless Sasuke took them off. Naruto had to wear these so he would remain weak and not be able to hurt or struggle against Sasuke (like that would ever happen) or until he submitted and became the ravens. Either way, Naruto now belonged heart and soul to Sasuke the vampire.
    Said raven picked the blond up, he struggled with all his might, which wasn't much due to the restraints, and arranged him into a comfortable position on his lap. He took the food from the tray and began to force feed Naruto. If he wasn't going to eat, he would make him!  Sasuke growled when Naruto refused to swallow the bread, so he did the next best thing, he yanked Naruto's head back and kissed him; using his skilled tongue he push the bread down the struggling boy's throat. After this happening a few more times Naruto gave up and let Sasuke do this to him, he was hungry so might as well just eat now.
Little did Naruto know was that Sasuke had managed to slip a small white pill into his mouth. "Now, lets have some fun!" Sasuke said brightly carrying a hazy Naruto back to the bed.

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